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Lori's Family Tree

Mar 19, 2012
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Our Roots From Around the World

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The Main Family Branches
FRANK Family of Lithuania & Jerusalem, Israel
Descendants include Rabbi Zvi Pesach Frank, Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem & Foremost Posek
GREENSTEIN Family of Derazhnya & Popovtsy, Ukraine
KAPLAN/PINCHASIK Family of Minsk, Belorus
Descendants of Anschel Kaplan d.1899
KWESTEL/ROTHZEIG/WAJNACHT Family of Warsaw & KORB Family of Zamosc, Poland
LANDO Family of Starobin, Belorus
MOTOLA Family of Silivri, Turkey
Descendants of Jews who left Southern Italy during the Spanish Inquisition
PADVA Family of Mogilev Podolskiy, Ukraine
Descendants of the MaHaRaM miPadua - Rabbi Meir Katzenellenbogen
PESSAH & BENSUSAN Family of Aydin, Turkey
Descendants of Jews who left Barcelona, Spain during the Spanish Inquisition


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